4 Reasons for your Family Reunion T-Shirt

There are a thousand decisions to make during your reunion planning and having reunion T-shirts is just one of them.  That may be one of the items that you don’t think is too important. I disagree – I feel that T-shirts help create the emotion and unity that comes with a reunion.  Below you will find my 4 reasons I think it’s important to have family reunion T-shirts.

Sense of belonging

If you’re extended family is similar to mine then you have all ages.  I think the span in my own family is my son who is the oldest at 32 and the the youngest is 2.  So there is a 30 year span.

Matching T-shirts bring unity between the ages.  You are going to spend a number of days hanging out together, many times cousins may not be familiar with each other if they live in different states and only get together once a year.  This is a great way for cousins to be able to say – “Oh, look there is my cousin”

It really gives everyone the sense of belonging to something larger then their own nucleus family.


Keeping track of each other

It’s an awesome way to help you keep track of each other when in big groups our out in public.  I remember when we did a Disneyland reunion years ago and we wore family reunion shirts into the part.  With a glance you could find your child or a lost niece or nephew just by the color of their shirts.

So especially if you are planning on being out and about in open spaces with large crowds your family reunion T-shirt may be a life saver and stress reducer.

Something to remind you of the reunion

One of the things I love most about a family reunion is the memories of cousins connecting.  If you are like us many of your cousins you do not see on a consistent basis, so to see each other, hang out and get to know each other again after a year is amazing, especially if you are consistent with your reunions.

I love when once at home they can go back and look through the pictures and say “remember when Laura did this” or remember when —- it makes all the stress and work worth it when my children truly connect to that larger family.

Great way to be reminded of the theme of the reunion

I love coming home and going to my closet and pulling out that T-shirt and remembering the year and the theme of that particular reunion.  It brings back all the activities and who was there.  What I learned along the way.

That’s one thing I love about having a theme that unites is it becomes woven into the fabric of my family.

These are the four reasons that I feel like a family reunion T-shirt is worth the cost and the stress in every way.  Family reunions are about bringing families together and the T-shirt helps remind you of what that reunion was all about, who you were with and what you learned.

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